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The Ministry of the Standard Bearer is for ministers that would like to discover their unique place in this ministry as they embrace their uniqueness in Christ.

~ The Prophetic Scribe ~


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Introduction to The Ministry of the Standard Bearer

What you will find in this book:

Author spotlight

Arletia Mayfield is an ordained minister, chaplain and missionary.  She conducts workshops on Christian Fitness, Worship and other topics. Find about more about her ministry at her website.  Arletia is married to Franklin Mayfield, founder of trueGOD.tv.  They travel the U.S. and abroad teaching, serving and providing broadcast media solutions to churches, missions and ministries.  More about trueGOD.tv

arletia Mayfield

Readers say

… I love the thought provoking and challenging content! A beautiful tool to take people deeper in their times of worship through greater understanding of symbolism, history, and biblical foundation. The book challenges them to higher levels of holiness and encourages the reader to examine their heart motivations as well. I believe readers will be more intentional in their worship for having read this, and that ultimately will lead to deeper intimacy with the Lord.


Meghan Williams

OMG! I am excited for your ministry and your book. I’ve been looking for a standard bearer book to incorporate in my classes. I thank God for you already!!!

Deishanna Moore
Wrapped in His Word