When you fall in love with Jesus, everything else falls into place

~ The Prophetic Scribe ~

Because your steadfast love is better than life,
my lips will praise you. Psalm 63:3 ESV

An Inspirational Gift for the Women in your Life

Reignite Your Passion for God

For the Love of God, A collection of praise and worship poems by Arletia Mayfield is a testimony of the intimate relationship that can be developed with Jesus Christ through writing.  It is a transparent look at selections from a young woman’s journal that is filled with faith, hope, determination, humility and the love of Christ.  This collection will inspire, encourage and increase your faith.  This is a great gift for young women, but women of all ages will enjoy the poems, letters and confessions shared in this book

About the Book

After years of writing letters and poems to God, the Lord instructed me to publish them in a book.  It was a humbling experience sharing my most intimate feelings publicly, but it was also liberating.  The more I shared, the more young women confessed to me that the sentiments expressed in the book struck a cord that encouraged them to reconnect with their heavenly father.  In addition, I didn’t realize how prophetic some of the poems were until they came to pass.

Arletia Mayfield

The Testimony

I have been writing poems and letters to God for as long as I can remember.  It started when I was about seven years old.  I began writing out of fear, desperation and helplessness.  I’m glad that I knew there was a God and that he could hear my prayers.  As I grew older, the central theme of my poetry was romance, emotions and feelings.  I documented practically every relationship in poems, letters and journal entries.  As time passed, and I grew away from the Lord and became more entrenched in the perverse world of pornography, my poetry became more erotic.  I even gained a reputation on the poetry circuit as “the erotic poet”, but the spirit of the Lord warred with the spirit of the harlot and the style of poetry that made me popular became a source of guilt. 

One day, while praying, I asked the Lord if my poetry was an offense to him.  “I believe that you put this passion in me,” I cried, “…but, if it’s not pleasing to you, Lord, please take it away.”  Finally, the Lord responded by leading me to the Song of Solomon, the most passionate book in the Holy Bible.  I cried as I read it.   Afterwards, the Lord assured me that the gift was indeed from him, but it was being misdirected.  He told me to direct all my passion to him, and I would finally experience the true love that I had been searching for.  This book is the evidence of that redirection and I have not looked back.  Like King Solomon, I have had it all, done it all and seen it all, but it was all meaningless without God.  It was only by His grace and mercy that I am able to share my testimony with you.

For the Love of God is a compilation of poems, letters and devotionals that reveal the personal relationship that I developed with Jesus Christ once I realized that what I was seeking in the world through addictions (drugs, sex, and alcohol) was not satisfying my cravings.  I had to admit to myself that the root of my desire was love.  I was searching for “true love” in all the wrong places.  My addictions were a sad substitute for the love my heart really desired.  

My deliverance from addictions came through writing, confessing, repenting and praising.

For the Love of God has touched the hearts of many men and women.  It is an honest and transparent expression of intimacy with Jesus Christ.  It is my hope that you are inspired to share your own expression of love for God.  It is a great way to share your testimony.

Arletia Mayfield

I have read this book so many times that I lost count.
I can't believe how someone I didn't even know
could express what was in my heart.