The Christian Man Plan eJournal

Know your value, and develop the confidence to attract the spouse God has for you. 

This journal provides the framework for a strategy to know exactly what you want in a spouse.  Topics, Scriptures and Quotes inspire contemplation and prayer. Writing prompts help you delve below the surface to understand God’s desire for you as a Bride of Christ.

This eJournal is 27 pages (including front and back covers).


Topics include:

His Reputation
His Faith Walk
His Attributes/Qualities
His Relationship with Family
His Relationship with Friends
His Interaction with Strangers
His Physical Appearance
His Personality
His Style
His Career/Work
His Education/Intellect
His Interests/Hobbies
His Hang Outs/Entertainment
Our Future Together
Deal Breakers
What Makes me his Good Thing
Blank Page (for copies)

I pray this journal blesses you as you get a vision for the perfect man for you.  I believe the Lord will hear your prayers and answer them at the right time. 

Meanwhile, prepare your mind, heart and spirit to receive what you deserve because you are precious to the Lord.  If you will submit to God and prepare yourself, I believe you will be a blessing to the man that wins your heart.

Arletia Mayfield, Author/Publisher

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