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TPS Publications is a resource for people interested in the use of creative arts in ministry.  Here, you will find digital products including downloadable ebooks, audio and video to enhance your worship experience.  


Arletia Mayfield is the featured author and creator of this web site. She is an ordained minister and chaplain, as well as a Bible Study teacher with a passion for God’s Word. She is also very creative.  That is the purpose for this web site.  It is a resource for ministers that have a desire to see the Word of God come alive in a way that people understand, remember and assimilate into their Christian lifestyle.  The purpose for her work is always to inspire, encourage and motivate people to grow in Christ. 

Please peruse the site and share it with friends and ministries. We appreciate your support. 

In Christ’s Service
Arletia Mayfield, Author/Publisher 


About TPS Publications

The Prophetic Scribe Publications is a  producer and publisher of Christian Media with a Kingdom Focus.

We specialize in print, audio and video downloadable products for use in ministry.

Our digital products include:
eBooks, AudioBooks, and Videos.

We provide resources for people interested in using creative media to teach the principles of living in faith through Jesus Christ.

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